On the railroad to Tibet

9pm Thursday night we boarded a train for Lhasa making a few stops en-route. I had intended to keep track of where the train stopped, but sleep got the better of me!

The whole journey should take 48 hours, the longest time I have ever spent on a train in one go, however as you can see from the photo we haveca bed to kick back and relax in. The gentle rocking of the carriage is enough. To put anybody to sleep!

Although there us a dining car we gave come armed with 2 days worth of food which pretty much consists of instant noodles, dumplings, biscuits and fruit! I hope that the Tibets are preparing a nice juicy lamp for my arrival!

As a foreigner I had to obtain various passes to visit Tibet and was told that I would not be allowed to board the train without them. As of yet I have not had to show them so I am beginning to wonder if it is a money making scam, time will tell!

Preparation for Tibet

21 hours after leaving my home in UK I arrived at my in-laws without event. On unpacking I realised I forgot not only a waterproof jacket but also socks! So much for my failsafe checklist I have been using for years!

Fortunately over the last 10 years I have built up a stash of clothes that I leave at my in-laws and fortunately docks were amongst them!

Today we are preparing for the trip of a lifetime to Tibet. I have travelled to various places in China but never somewhere as remote as Tibet, I cannot wait to get there!

The train from Wuxi to Tibet will take about 48 hours so we must stock up on supplies to sustain us for the journey. I sincerely hope I can get some sort of Internet access there so that I can post some select photos!

Which flavour instant noodles shall I pick?

Watch out Wuxi, here I come!

Today is the start of what will hopefully be a holiday of a lifetime, for tonight I will fly from London to Shanghai.

When I arrive in Shanghai, assuming my wife has not forgotten about me, she will meet me at the airport with train or bus tickets to take us to Wuxi, Jiangsu province to stay just one night with the in-laws.

Although I have made this journey many times before, it's what's happening on Thursday that should be a big adventure! I hope my wife has been able to make all the required arrangements, but I will not tempt fate by going in to details now, just in case it goes all horribly wrong….after all there is an Icelandic Volcano doing it's best to cause travel chaos throughout Europe.

Clean underwear….check!

What more does a travelling man need?

Watch out Wuxi, here I come!

Welcome to my Travel Blog

For many years now I have been fortunate enough to travel around the world both on business and pleasure. I have always wanted to write about where I am going and what I see as it happens, but due to what can only be described as bone idleness I have never pulled my finger out and created the platform to do it. So from now on I am going to try and do my best, starting from tomorrow!

Obviously internet access is never guaranteed especially when you travel to certain parts of the world, so if this is the only post you see over the next few weeks then you know I am having connectivity issues! I will however try and update my twitter feed as I have a few different methods of doing so.

Come with me on my journey.